Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blogging in the Classroom

Blogging can be a useful tool in any classroom. I think it allows students to share ideas and feelings that they normally would not feel comfortable with in person. I also think it's interesting how the internet can make people feel safe, but at the same time everyone knows that it's actually dangerous at times. Things from credit card fraud, stalking, to people lying about who they are online.

But I think if blogging were done in the classroom, under the teacher's supervision and control, it would allow for a greater exchange of student ideas. It would allow for discussion of ideas and opinions. There would have to be guidelines and general rules to follow so that the environment remained friendly and educational, and the teacher would have to have the final word. I think it could apply in any class/subject and topic within that class. 

As teachers, sometimes we only hear from the same students and it's hard to reach those who do not want to voice their opinions to the entire class. This offers them a chance to let their voices be heard.

There are a few websites that talk about how to set up an educational blogging experience and some useful tips along with an article on how school boards and courts have reacted to teacher's blogging about their jobs.

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  1. What happens when a student posts something offensive after the school day? Is there a plan for monitoring the blog after hours? Will the blog be public? What if an angry parent gets on and comments? I think that the freedom comes with great responsibility (thank you spiderman).